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In addition to the articles posted here, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel. We provide tutorials on how to solve many common problems around your home and how to build things yourself.

Your Business Needs Business Contingency And Disaster Recovery Plans

2022-02-26 | 11 minute read
Preparing your business for catastrpohic lost is the key to minimizing downtime with your business.

Using A Rug Doctor

2022-01-22 | 1 minute read
I rented and used a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner for the first time. I share my experience regard this

How To Uninstall .net Core 3.1 From Ubuntu 20.04

2022-01-08 | 1 minute read
This video shows how to remove .NET Core 3.1 from Ubuntu 20.04

Web Accessibility Tips (Ada For Websites)

2021-09-25 | 11 minute read
Cover why it is important to make sure that you website meets ADA requirements, especially if you are doing business in the United States. Some companies have been sued by their customers because their customers could not access their website...

These Bits Of Code Can Help You Improve Your Video Captions And Transcriptions

2021-10-30 | 1 minute read
Create a .NET 5 application that will clean a transcript from YouTube. SRT formats are only supported with this application, but additional may be added in the future.

Led Strip Lights From Amazon, Unboxing Review

2022-02-05 | 2 minute read
Installing LED strip lights are easy, but these lights from Amazon had some technical difficulties.

Install Falcon Pi Player On Raspberry Pi

2022-01-01 | 1 minute read
Falcon Pi Player runs on Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone Black. This convert the Raspberry Pi installation.

How To Install .net 5 On Ubuntu 20.04

2022-01-15 | 1 minute read
This video shows you how to install .NET 5 on Ubuntu 20.04.

Starting A Business And The Benefits

2021-09-11 | 1 minute read
In 2021, Robinson Handy and Technology Services LLC was founded. I discuss in the video why I started the business and the benefits of having a business of your own.

How To Replace An Exterior Door On Brick House

2021-09-04 | 6 minute read
A door was replaced on a house after an attempted break in.

Installing A Suncast Hideaway Hose Reel Without Getting Frustrated

2021-10-23 | 1 minute read
Set up and connecting a Suncast Hideaway Hose Reel is simple. This video shows you how to do it and the features that the hose reel has to offer.

Add Custom Shelving To A Desk Without Getting Splinters

2021-10-09 | 1 minute read
After receiving a custom built desk, some upgrades were made to the desk, including adding shelving inside of the storage compartments. This video shows that work being completed.

Handy Pro Will Pay For Customer Canceled Jobs

2021-10-21 | 1 minute read
When a customer cancels a job at the last minute, you will still get paid by Handy for having that job. There are some conditions that do apply. Check out the video for details.

Ecobee 3 Lite Installation With Pek (Power Extender Kit)

2021-09-18 | 1 minute read
Cover how to install an Ecobee 3 Lite smart thermostat

Can't Move The Bed, Unless The Picture Is Moved Too

2021-11-10 | 2 minute read
Customer wanted to have their bed moved because they had purchased some additional furniture. They had a picture centered above the headboard of the bed. Thus they wanted the picture and bed moved together. Otherwise things would have looked...

Behind The Scenes Of 2021 Christmas Light Show

2021-12-25 | 7 minute read
The Christmas Light Show is powered by Raspberry Pi. This video covers the hardware and software used for the light show.


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