Current Discounts

We know that everone loves to buy things on sale. Below are the current offers and specials that we have.

Military Discount

Military service members, both former and current, get 10 percent off all services. 1 3

Customer Review Discount

Leave us a review and get a discount! When you leave a review on our Better Business Bureau profile, Facebook page, Google profile, Nextdoor page, or Yelp profile we will give you 5 percent off of your next service.2 3

First-Time Customer Discount

First-time customers receive 5 percent off of their purchase. 1 3 4 5

THE FINE PRINT: Any discount that you wish to receive must be mentioned before making a payment. Once payment for services has been made, the discount cannot be applied retroactively or on a future service. 1) Discount cannot combined with any other discounts, offers, or promotions. 2) Discount is only valid for first review provided by customer on any of the listed platforms. Customers that provide reviews on multiple platforms will only receive the discount one time. In order to receive discount, future service booking must be made through the Robinson Handy and Technology Services website, via phone (call or text), or by email. Discount expires 3 months from the date the review has been made. 3) Discount not valid for customers that book service through a third party vendor. 4) Discount is not valid for landlords. 5) Discount only valid for customers in Autauga, Elmore, and Montgomery Counties in Alabama.

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