Air Filter Replacement

Air filters keep your home free of dust and your HVAC equipment protected. Like the filters on a car, your home’s air filter needs to be changed regularly. Failing to change the filter regularly can result in your HVAC equipment having issues, such as freezing coils, poor air flow, and longer run times. Robinson Handy and Technology Services changes air filters, including those hard to reach filters that are located on the ceiling. Request your filter change appointment today!

How often do I need to change the air filter?

Air filters have their maximum usage listed on the filter or the filter's packaging. It is best recommended to follow this information. As a general rule, filter should be changed at least once per quarter or every 90 days. Some filters are designed to be changed monthly.

Does filter size matter?

Yes it does. While HVAC systems operate in a similar manner, they are not all the same size. Thus you need to purchase a filter that is the appropriate size for your system. Too big of a filter, will not fit in the filter housing. Too small of a filter means the filter can fall out of the housing and that all of the air that goes into your HVAC system does not get cleaned. Dirty air going into your HVAC system can cause a number of problems including premature system failure.

My filters are always black when I change them. Is this a concern?

Not really. It does mean that the filter is collecting the dust and dirt from being recirculated back into your home. One recommendation for dark filters is to change them more often. A really dirty filter can cause problems with your HVAC system including but not limited to freezing coils, longer run times, and premature system failure.

I don't remember when I last changed my filter. How do you recommend I keep track of it?

The Thermostat Will Tell You

Some thermostats will track the number of days or how long the system has ran between filter changes. Then when a set amount of days or runtime has passed, it will display a notification alerting you that the filter needs to be changed. Once the filter has been changed, then alert on your thermostat will need to be reset.

Write It On The Filter

If your thermostat does not track the amount of time between filters, then you can write the date of when you installed the filter on the filter. Then when you look at the filter in the future, you know when the last time that it was changed.

Phone or Calendar Reminder

Put a reminder in your phone or calendar for when the next filter change needs to be done. Then when that date arrives, change the filter and create a new reminder for the next filter change.

I have to get the thickest filter for the cleanest air right?

No. HVAC professionals will tell you that thick filters actually restrict air flow, thus causing some of the same problems that a clogged or dirty air filter would cause. It is best to have a thinner filter, that actually allows the system to breathe than a thick filter that could starve the system for air.

Using a thinner filter and changing it at a regular interval will result in the cleanest air possible and keep your system working smoothly.