Baby Proofing Home

Ensuring that your little one is not harmed while at home is something that should not be taken lightly. As an adult, it is easy to overlook the things that your little one can get into.

When you book this service with Robinson Handy and Technology Services, we will do a walkthrough of your home and make suggestions of things to be corrected and putting in the necessary safety measures for little ones.

Which is better: tamper resistant outlets or plastic outlet covers?

Tamper resistant outlets are more secure than plastic outlet covers. The reason being is that tamper resistant outlets require that both flat outlet holes be contacted at the same time in order for a plug or other item to be inserted.

Plastic outlet covers do not require this. In addition, plastic outlet covers can present a choking hazard if remove by the child. A study done found that children aged from 2-4 were able to remove plastic outlet covers within 10 seconds. Thus they are not as safe as some believe.

When should I baby proof my home?

Ideally this would be done before your child starts crawling. Once a child reaches the crawling phase, they will begin to explore any and everything that they can.

Should bookcases be secured to the wall?

Yes they should. Younger children have been known to climb bookcases, chests, and other tall furniture in attempt to get something that is out of reach or just out of curiosity. These items should be attached to the wall, preferrably to a stud in the wall, in case a child were to climb on it. This will prevent the child from being injured if the bookcase to tip over.

I have stairs in my house. Is it better to have the baby gates at the top or bottom?

We recommend that baby gates be at the top and bottom of stair cases. Child can easily fall down stairs from the top. A child can also fall down stairs when starting from the bottom of the stairs, thus why we recommend that there be a baby gate a the top and bottom of the stairs.

How much will it cost to baby proof my home?

The cost will vary depending on a number of factors including, the types of furniture that you currently have, the size of your home, stairs present in the home, a pool or hot tub is present, and more. Each area of the home will be evaluated for safety and recommendations will be made accordingly.