Electrical Breaker Labeling

Picture this... you plug an item into the wall. It starts working like it should and then without warning it begins to malfunction by sending sparks out and smoke in the air. You run to your breaker panel and realize that you don't know which breaker is connected to which outlets or lights. Now is definitely not the time to play Eeny, meeny, miny, moe to figure out which breaker to turn off.

This is why having your breaker panel labeled is critical. Knowing which breaker to turn off could mean the difference in just having to clear the smoke out of your house or having to call the fire department because things got out of control.

At Robinson Handy and Technology Services, we offer breaker labeling to our customers. We use specialized tools to identify which outlets and lights are connected to which breakers and will label them in your breaker panel. This will eliminate the need to cycle through all the breakers to find the correct one or having another person yell across the house when you have turned off the correct breaker.

Does this service require you to turn off the power?

Yes it will. We confirm which outlets and lights that are connected to a particular circuit by turning off the power. Power will be off on each circuit that you have for only a few minutes.

My home has a fuse panel without labels. Can you label it?

Yes we can. However, we do suggest that if you have a fuse panel instead of a breaker panel, that you have the fuse panel changed out to a breaker panel by a qualified electrician. Robinson Handy and Technology Services does not offer fuse panel to breaker panel replacement as a service.