Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement

What is a carbon monoxide detector?

Carbon monoxide detector is designed to alert you when a gas appliance or other device that releases the gas from combustion, puts a high amount of gas in the home. The most common ways this occurs is from gas applications (e.g. hot water tank, gas stove, gas furance, etc.) is backdrafting exhaust gases into the home or a vehicle left running in a closed garage. Carbon monoxide is a odorless, colorless gas. If left undetected, it can loss of consciounesss, weakness, dizziness, and other symptoms including death.

How often should carbon monoxide detectors be replaced?

They should be replaced about every 10 years or when they are defective. If you are unsure when the detector was installed, check the label on the back of the detector. If the date listed on the detector is over 10 years ago, then we recommend that it be replaced with a new one.