Christmas Lights Installation

Do you install permanent Christmas lights?

Yes we do! Those that purhcase the holiday light installation service from us, will have the lights installed at the beginning of the season and taken down at the end of the season.

When do you install and remove lights?

Lights are typically installed around or after Thanksgiving and removed around or after Christmas or first week in January.

When is the best time Christmas lights?

The best time to buy lights are between Christmas and New Years. The reason being is that retailers are trying to clear out the Christmas inventory, including lights and decorations. The day after Christmas, most retailers will discount their Christmas decorations by 40 percent or more.

How many lights do I need for my house?

This depends on the size of the house and how many lights that you want to have. The more lights, the more power that is used, and the most the cost that you will spend on lights.

I see that you do musical light shows. Do you offer that for customers?

Yes we do. Do note that musical light shows must be requested months in advance of the holiday season. The reason being is that the parts have to be acquired, assembled, and tested before being delivered to the customer. Each musical light show is custom built.

Do you install Christmas lights on the roof?

We do not install lights or decorations on the roof of houses.