Deck Board Replacement

Why do deck boards need to be replaced?

Boards usually need to be replaced because they are not able to dry out well after rainfall. As a result, the moisture remains on the board and leads to be the board rotting out. In some circumstances, boards are infiltrated by carpenter bees and weakened over time.

What kind of wood should be used for deck boards?

We recommend pressure treated, 5/4 inch lumber. These style of boards are rounded are less likely to give a person walking on them splinters and are designed to resist the weather elements. For the deck boards to last longer, consider applying deck stain or paint to the boards.

Screws or nails?

When it comes to framing a deck, we recommend nails as they have more strength than the same size screw. With deck boards, screws or nails will work. Regardless of which that you use, make sure that they are rated for exterior use.

Do I need deck tape on the joists?

We do suggest that deck tape be applied to the joists of a deck. The purpose of deck joists is to prevent water from sitting on top of the joist. Water sitting on the joists make them rot out faster. Deck tape is typically made of asphalt or butyl and prevents water from soaking into the joist. This will result in the joists lasting longer than if they were not covered.