Door Lock Replacement

If I replace the door knob, do I have to get a new set of keys?

No you don't. Certain manufacturers make locks that can be rekeyed without having to call a locksmith. These locks have a special tool that requires both the old key and new key to be used when rekeying the lock.

This lock costs way more than that lock. A lock is just a lock right?

This is incorrect. There are 3 major grades of door locks that you can purchase. To properly secure your home, you would want to have a ANSI Grade 1. If a Grade 1 lock is out of your budget, a Grade 2 would be the next best option. By all means, avoid Grade 3 locks, which are usually the cheapest and do not offer the best protection against tampering or picking.

I just bought a home. Should have change the locks?

Yes you should. The reason being is that you do not know who the previous homeowner gave a key to. It is possible that the home was sold to you and something was left behind. What you do not want to happen is that previous homeowner come to your new home and attempt to retrieve that item that was left behind.

I have a Kwikset smart lock that I need to reprogram.

We suggest that you visit the Kwikset Support website for more information. From that website, you will be able to find the user manual and the manual will explain how to reprogram your particular lock.