Dryer Vent and Hose Replacement

Should I have by dryer vents cleaned?

Yes, your dryer vents and dryer ducts should be checked and cleaned as needed. Ducts that are not checked and cleaned regularly are at greater risk of starting a house fire. In addition, dirty and clogged ducts and reduce the performance of the dryer, resulting in longer drying times.

An alternative to having your dryer vents cleaned is to have them replaced. Depending on your particular set up, replacing the dryer duct instead of hiring someone to the clean them may be a more affordable option.

What is the purpose of the lint filter?

The lint filter is critical to the dryer as it is intented to catch the lint and loose fibers that come off of the clothes during the drying cycle. Having a clogged or dirty lint filter, will result in longer drying times and increased risk of dryer fire.

We recommend that the dryer lint filter be cleaned before each load is started. The location of the lint filter will vary based on the dryer model. On most models, it is usually located in one of two locations:

Is a dryer vent that important?

Yes it is. Dryer vent that is missing can allow animals, such as rats, opossums, squirrels, moles, and similar sized animals to enter your home. Dryer vent that does not close can allow the same animals into your home as well.