Electrical Outlet Replacement

Do you install electrical outlets?

We do if the necessary wiring is already in place. As a handyman service, we cannot run new electrical.

There are multiple wires of the same color in the box. Should this be the case?

Yes and no. If the outlet is the last one on that circuit, then there will only be one set of wires of each color inside of the box. If the outlet is at the beginning or middle of a circuit, then there will be one or more wires of each color in the box.

The outlets that I currently have only have two prongs. Can I replace them with three prong outlets?

Yes they can be upgraded to three prong outlets. However, additional steps will have to be taken to ensure that things are done correctly.

With most two prong outlets, there is not a ground wire in the box. If there is not a ground wire, there are steps that can be taken that follow the NEC (National Electrical Code).

Option 1, When No Ground Wire Available

If the outlet box has metal conduit or the box is made of metal and is connected to metal conduit, then the ground wire of the outlet can be connected to the box or conduit. In this scenario, the conduit serves as the ground cable.

Option 2, When No Ground Wire Available

GFCI outlets can be used when no ground wire is available. While this is not the best alternative, this is a recommendation provided by the 2020 Edition of the NEC. When using GFCI outlets in this manner, each outlet used must have a label afixed to it stating "No Equipment Ground". This lets the user know that there isn't a true ground connected, and that ground faults are managed by the GFCI.

Option 3, When Ground Wire Available

If there is a ground wire present in the junction box, then swapping the outlets is a straightforward procedure. Black wires are connected to brass screw, white wires are connected to silver screw, and ground wire is connected to the green or ground screw at the bottom or top of the outlet.