Exterior Door Replacement

Is there a difference between fiberglass and metal doors?

Yes there is. Fiberglass doors usually cost more. The trade off is that fiberglass doors are more dent resist. Thus if you have kids or pets, then consider getting one of these doors.

Metal doors are usually cheaper. However, they are more prone to denting.

At Robinson Handy and Technology Services, we install both types of doors at your residence.

What is the best way to prevent a door from being kicked in?

First step would be to make sure that you have good lighting around your home, especially those parts of your home that are not visible from the street or neighbors.

Second step would be to make sure that you are using at least 3 inch screws in the latch, deadbolt, and hinges of the door. These long screws will secure the door to the frame of the house and make it more difficult to be kicked in. For our exterior door installs, we use at least 3.5 inch exterior screws.

Contrary to popular belief, the door is not what keeps theives out. It is actually the jam of the door that keeps them out. When the jam does not have strong hardware, including using the screws that come with the door instead of longer screws that reach into the door frame, the door can be easily overcome by little force or tools that you can find at any home improvement store.

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