Fall Leaves Cleanup

Is it best to mulch or bag leaves?

When leaves are mulched, the nutrients and minerals that are in the leaves are decomposed and released back into the soil.

When the leaves are bagged, the nutrients and minerals are removed from the system and can lead to nutrient deficiencies in the grass and plants that are nearby.

We recommend that you mulch the leaves, as it reduces the fertilization need for the grass and nearby plants through decomposition. In addition, the leaves will not occupy space in a landfill where they will be wasted.

What happens if the leaves remain on the lawn?

Leaves left on the lawn during the winter season can sufficate the grass that is underneath. As a result, the grass will die out and you will have to reseed your lawn when the growing season starts.

When do you clean up leaves?

This services is only offered during October, November, and December.

What do you do with leaves that are collected?

The customer has two options for what to be done with the leaves

I would like for the leaves to bagged and you take them with you. Is this an option?

Cities in the River Region remove limbs, leaves, and other yard debris from the curbside. This is paid for via property taxes or your sanitation bill. Taking these items directly to the landfill for disposal is an additional charge. Thus this charge would be passed on to you the customer.

I have mutliple trees that do not drop all of their leaves at the same time. Do I need to book the service mutliple times?

Yes you may have to. Contact us and we can set up an arrangement that meets your needs.