Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly Types

We provide a variety of furniture assembly services. Below is a list of the types of furniture that we have assembled.

Is it that hard to put furniture together?

No it is not. However, depending on the item, there are a lot of small parts and the instructions can be confusing. Many times, furniture that is not already assembled comes with instructions, but the instructions do not have words. Thus many people struggle with putting furniture together because they are unable to understand the drawings.

What furniture do you assemble?

Robinson Handy and Technology Services has put together a number of furniture pieces. This includes beds, baby cribs, patio furniture, pool tables, recliners, television (TV) stands, and dining room tables. If it needs to be put together, then we can do it!

I have furniture to be assembled, but I have lost the instructions? Can you still do it?

It is possible that we can still put the furniture together without the instructions, but it may take more time to complete the task. We suggest to check the manufacturer's website to see if they have the instructions available for download.

Furniture I ordered is damaged. What do I do?

We check the parts before assembling the furniture to make sure that everything is good working order. We have discovered that sometimes furniture is damaged during delivery. When we find damaged furniture pieces, we inform the customer of this and allow them to decide whether to continue with the assembly or to contact the vendor to have a replacement sent or refund given. Usually vendors will either send you a replacement or issue a refund of the product.

Do you work with furniture from certain retailers?

Most of the furniture that we have assembled, the customers have purchased them from Wal-Mart or Wayfair. Regardless of where you purchased the furniture, we can assemble it.