Garage Door Opener Replacement

We offer garage door replacement services. We will remove the old opener, if you have one installed, and install a new garage door opener at your residence. We will also will haul off the existing garage door opener.

What if I do not have enough clearance above the door when it is opened?

Depending on the design of your garage door, you could have a jackshaft garage door opener installed. This style of garage door opener, mounts to the side of the garage door instead of the common overhead garage door style. The jackshaft opener also takes up less space since it is located on the side of the door. One example of the style of opener is the Liftmaster 8500 and Liftmaster 8500W.

My garage door will not close. What's wrong with it?

There are multiple reason that the door will not close. Here are the most common reasons:

Do you adjust garage door springs?

Unfortunately, we do not adjust springs on garage doors. Spring adjustment requires specialized training and specialized equipment. We recommend you reach out to a local garage door company for spring repairs and adjustments.

How do I test if my garage door is balanced?

Garage doors that are not balanced, should not be used as they could unexpectedly fail and cause injury to people or pets.

Are there dangers for unbalanced garage doors?

There are many dangers for having an unbalanced garage door. The most common dangers and problems for having an unbalanced garage door are:

Do you repair inoperable garage doors?

This depends on the reason that the door is not working. We will do an inspection of the door prior to doing any repair or garage opener replacement. Based on the results of that inspection, we will advise the customer on the options to repair the garage door.

My garage door sometimes has issues going up or does not go up all the way. What is the problem?

Visually inspect the track and springs of the door. If the springs are broken then they need to be replaced. If the wheels or track is damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced. We advise that you stop using your opener until the springs are replaced. Using an opener with broken springs could result in the opener motor burning itself out or the internal components failing prematurely.

I have additional questions not listed here.

We have answers that are specific to Chamberlain and Liftmaster on their respective pages.

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