Honeywell Wifi Thermostat Installation

Are all thermostats the same?

They are not. Traditional programmable thermostats run off of batteries. Honeywell Wifi thermostats run off of power supplied by your air conditioner unit. They require power from the air handler because Wifi draws more power that other communication methods like Bluetooth or MQTT.

I only have 4 wires going to my current thermostat. Can I still upgrade to a Honeywell Wifi Thermostat?

Some Honeywell Wifi Thermostat models require that you have at least 5 conductors (individual wires within the larger wire) running to the thermostat. By only have 4 conductors, means that you will not have full functionality of the thermostat. A new thermostat wire can be ran with additional conductors so that you may use a smart thermostat.

Will the Honeywell Wifi Thermostat work without internet connection?

Yes it will. However, some of the features that you get with the thermostat, will not be available. This includes, but is not limited to the current weather information and making temperature adjustments via your phone or mobile device.