Ikea Furniture Assembly

Is IKEA furniture difficult to assemble?

It depends. Since IKEA manufacturers their furniture to be sold in multiple countries, they sometimes will not have written instructions for how to assemble the furniture. Instead they provide drawings for that show how to assemble the furniture. Some customers find these drawings difficult to understand as they are not 100 percent accurate. We at Robinson Handy and Technology Services have assembled a number of furniture pieces from IKEA. Thus know about the difficulties with the instructions and can work around any mistakes in the instructions.

The furniture I ordered was damaged during delivery. What should I do?

We advise customers to contact the company that they ordered their IKEA furniture from about what their options are. In some situations, you may be issued a refund. In others, replacement furniture may be provided to you.

I recently moved and have a lot of furniture that needs to be assembled. Can you help?

We sure can. One piece or multiple pieces... we can do it all. Request an estimate to get started!