Light Fixture Replacement and Installation Services

Recently replaced light fixture

Whether you are looking to change the appearance of a room or your existing light fixture no longer works, RHT Services replaces light fixtures.

Common Light Fixture Questions

Is there a certain light fixture I need to get?

There is not. Light fixture wiring and mounting points are all the same. Just pick one that that fits your preferences and style and RHT Services will install it.

I want brighter bulbs in my fixture, but it says that only low wattage blubs can be used. Why is this?

In 2005, Congress passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Part of this legislation limits the amount of power that a ceiling fan and other multi-bulb fixtures can consume. As a result of this legislation, some manufacturers updated their products to have a wattage limiter switch. Other manufacturers took things a step further and designed their fixtures to use candelabra bulbs instead of standard Edison bulbs. The candelabra bulbs have a smaller base and usually consume less power than the common Edison bulbs.

Thus if you try to use bulbs that consume more power than what the fixture is rated for, either the light will not work or the light may catch fire due to it pulling more power than it is rated for.