Over the Range Microwave Replacement

Will any microwave fit?

There is a standard size of 30 inches for over the range microwaves. If you have a commercial or apartment sized stove, then it is unlikely that you do not have a standard size opening. That said, you would need a custom size or special order microwave.

If you have a standard size stove, the opening is most likely 30 inches, and thus would fit a standard size over the range microwave.

Does the over the range microwave have to be vented to the exterior?

No it does not. Most over the range microwaves are configured to recirculate the air back into the kitchen from the factory. To exhaust to the exterior, venting needs to be in place and the microwave configured to blow the air outside.

My microwave has no power. Can I fix this myself?

First, we suggest that you check that the microwave is plugged in. In the cabinet above or on the side of the microwave, look for the outlet and make sure that the microwave cord is plugged in. If the microwave is plugged in, then the microwave controls may have gone bad, thus the microwave needs to be replaced.