Shed Assembly Services

Shed assembly in progress
Shed assembly completed
Shed assembly completed

A customer had this shed for some time. Someone had committed to assembling it, but had not done so. Because a significant amount of time had passed between when it was purchased and when the assembly had taken, several of the items, including the instructions were misplaced. Thus this shed was assembled based on how it should appear.

More Recent Shed Assembly Photos

A customer ordered this Shed from Wayfair. Customer stated that he was going to use the shed to store chemicals for his pool. This shed was designed to hide garbage cans.

Shed just taken out of the box
Shed fully opened after assembly
Shed closed after assembly

Common Shed Questions

Can a shed be placed it directly on the ground?

This depends. Some sheds are not designed to be placed directly on the ground. These type of sheds usually require that you purchase a separate floor kit. The purpose of the floor kit is to keep the bottom of the shed from separating and deforming the shape of the shed

In addition to the above, the ground that the shed is being placed on must be level. If the ground is not level, then you can experience problems with your shed, such as the doors such as the doors not opening properly and water getting inside the shed.

Do large sheds require permits?

This varies by city and county. In the City of Montgomery, sheds larger than 200 square feet (sq ft) do require that a permit is acquired before it is built. Sheds that are already built and are only being moved to an owners property do not have to get a permit for their shed regardless of their size.

We recommend checking with your local city or county government regarding permits for sheds.

Do sheds have to be anchored to the ground?

Yes they do. Sheds that are not anchored to the ground are more likely to blow away during severe weather or storms. Even if the shed has heavy items in them, the shed could still blow away or fall over if not properly anchored. RHT Services will will install anchors for sheds if requested.


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