Shutter Installation

Have shutters on your home that you want to replace? We have you covered! We offer shutter installation and replacement services to the River Region. New or old... it does not matter.

Can shutters be mounted to brick?

Yes they can. Tapcons are used to mount shutters to brick. Tapcons are a special type of screw, that is designed for masonry and concreate materials.

My shutters are starting to come loose from the house. Can you reattach them?

Yes we can as long as the surface that the shutters are being mounted to are able to support them. Sometimes, when shutters begin to separate from the house, the wood or other material that the shutter is attached to has begun or is rotted out. If that is the case, then additional repairs would be required before reattaching the shutters to the house.

I do not like plastic shutters. Do you build custom wooden shutters?

We do offer a couple of designs for fixed, exterior, wooden shutters. Contact us to get more information about the designs and finishes.