Toilet Tank Repair

Leaking and constantly running toilets can be a major problem. If left unrepaired, they can result in your water bill going up and causing additional problems like mold and wood rot. Robinson Handy and Technology Services has the tools to repair your leaking and constantly running toilets.

My toilet will not stop running. Can it be fixed?

Yes it can. Over time, the internals of the water fill valve wear out over time or the valve become clogged with the minerals that are in the water and eventually get stuck in the open position. Replacing the fill valve is the best option as fill valves are considered a wear item.

When I flush the toilet, water runs from the tank and ends up on the floor. What is wrong?

Most likely the tank gasket, the rubber gasket that is between the tank and bowl of the toilet, has failed and needs to be replaced. We repair this by disassembling the tank from the bowl, installing a new gasket and tank bolts, and then reassembling the tank to the bowl.

My toilet rocks when I sit on it. Is this normal?

No it is not. This means that the bowl bolts, the ones that connect the toilet to the floor, are loose and need to be tightened up. These bolts should be tightened by hand and not with a power tool. Overtightening these bolts will result in the base of the toilet cracking.