TV Stand Assembly

What size TV stand should I get?

We suggest that you purchase a TV stand that accomidates the size of your TV. You can get a TV stand that is bigger than your TV, but do not get a TV stand that is sized smaller than the TV. Reason being is that TVs have legs near the ends of the TV. If your TV stand is too small, then the TV will not sit on the TV stand.

Also we recommend that you get a TV stand that is sized at least 5 or 10 inches bigger than the TV you plan on using on it. For example, if the TV that you have is 65 inches, then we suggest that the TV stand be at least rated for a 70 or 75 inch TV.

I would like my TV mounted. Do you do this?

Yes we do. Check out our TV mounting page.

I have lost the remove to my TV. Can I get another one?

It is possible to get another remote for your TV. We recommend that you check with the manufacturer of the TV to see if they sell remotes. The older the TV is, the less likely this will be the case. Then consider checking Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and other reselling platforms. If you are still unable to find a replacement remote, then you may purchase a universal remote from most retailers that sell electronics.