Wayfair Furniture Assembly

Is Wayfair furniture difficult to assemble?

It depends. Since Wayfair manufacturers their furniture to be sold in multiple countries, they sometimes will not have written instructions for how to assemble the furniture. Instead they provide drawings for that show how to assemble the furniture. Some customers find these drawings difficult to understand as they are not 100 percent accurate. We at Robinson Handy and Technology Services have assembled a number of furniture pieces from Wayfair. Thus know about the difficulties with the instructions and can work around any mistakes in the instructions.

The furniture I ordered was damaged during delivery. What should I do?

From our experience, customers that have received damaged furniture from Wayfair have either gotten replacement furniture sent to them or refunds credited to their account. In either scenario, the person that ordered the furniture will have to contact Wayfair to discuss the options available.

When we find Wayfair furniture pieces that have been damaged during shipping or pieces that are missing from the packaging, we will first notify the customer. Then based on what our recommendation and the customer's input, we will either continue with assembly or stop assembly.

Wayfair offers assembly services. What makes you different from them?

We are a local company with local professionals that are familiar with the River Region. Larger companies have greater visibility, but are not necessarily familiar with the local community nor do they have a connection with the local community.

Will my Wayfair furniture come in one or multiple boxes?

It depends. We have seen entire TV stands be packaged in a single box and in multiple boxes. From what we know, a lot of it depends on the style, finish, and number of pieces that the furniture has. When you get your furniture piece, check the outside of the box or the shipping paperwork to see how many boxes should be apart of the furniture assembly.

I recently moved and have a lot of furniture that needs to be assembled. Can you help?

We sure can. One piece or multiple pieces... we can do it all. Request an estimate to get started!