Window Screen Replacement

Window screens are essential to allowing the air in and keeping bugs and other critters out.

How long does it take to replace window screens?

Each screen takes about 15 minutes to replace. The screen and frame has to be removed from the window from the interior, screen spline and screen are removed, new screen and spline are installed, and then screen with frame are reinstalled in the window.

I never open the windows. Should I have the screens replaced?

We do recommend replacing window screens if they are damaged, have medium to large sized holes in them, or are discolored. THe reason being is that the screens that are damaged or appear to look bad can change the exterior appearance or curb appeal of your home.

What options are available for window screens?

Most common window screens are aluminum or black nylon. Other options are available, but may cost more as they are not as common or may have to be special ordered.