Lawn Mower Storage Checklist

When the growing season comes to an end, there are some things that you should take care of with your lawn mower and lawn equipment so that things go smoothly when Spring rolls around the following year.

  • Do not leave gas in the mower
  • Do not leave gas in the gas can
  • Remove grass from the mower deck
  • Charge the batteries before storing

Do Not Leave Gas In Mower (Gas Mowers)

Gasoline has a shelf life of about 2 months. Once it expires, it can do some really bad things like gum up. This is bad for mowers with carburetors because it will cause it to function improperly. By using all of the gas that is in the mower, the carburetor will be dry and less likely to have problems from bad gas.

Do Not Leave Gas in Gas Can

For the similar reasons mentioned above, do not leave the gas that you have for your mower in the gas can over the winter. Any gas that you have left over from the growing season that you will not be using during the winter, should be poured into your vehicle's gas tank.

Remove Grass from Mower Deck

Grass on the mower deck can begin to mold, and as a result, cause the mower deck to rust. This rust will result in the mower not having as long of a life.

Charge Batteries Before Storing (Electric Mowers)

Charge the batteries before storning them. Batteries are designed to work best when they have a charge. Batteries stored without a charge, will result in having to replace the batteries sooner.

Wait Til Spring To Change Oil and Filters

Oil can collect condensation during the winter months because of the mower not being used. That said, do not change the oil in the mower before storing it. It is best to change the oil in the spring for this reason.