Spring Lawn Mower Checklist

  • Sharpen or Replace blades
  • Remove Stale Gas
  • Change Engine Oil
  • Change Spark Plug
  • Check or Replace Air Filter

Sharpen or Replace Blades

As the mower is used, the blades will become dull. Dull blades can damage grass as it will tear the grass instead of cutting the grass. Grass that is cut with dull blades can results in the grass developing disease, stunted growth, and invasions of pests. When sharping blades, it is important that the blade is balanced after sharpening. If you are not confident that you can have the blades balanced after sharpening, then it would be best to replace the blades with a new set.

Remove Stale Gas

Gasoline has a shelf life of about 2 months. Gas that has been left over in the tank from the previous growing season will not ignite as well. Old gas in a carbureted engine, will result in the engine not starting or requiring multiple attempts to start.

Unlike vehicles, which use computer controlled fuel injection to increase or decrease the amount of gas sent to the cylinders, carburetor engines do not have the same capabilities to adjust the amount of fuel being delivered. Because of this, mowers and other handlheld power equipment need to have fresh gas in order to run without difficulties.

Change Engine Oil

Change the oil at the beginning of the growing season. This will last you throughout the entire season, unless you are cutting multiple or many yards. Mowers typically do not have oil filters, so you do not have to worry about changing that. Check your owners manual for which type of oil that you need to use in your mower.

Check or Replace Air Filter

Having good and clean air going to the engine is just as important as having good and clean gas going into the engine. Failing to check the air filter could mean that the mower engine would be starved of air and not run properly. Mower filters are cheap and simple to replace. The filter is located on the intake side of the engine. Simply remove the cover, remove the filter, and check the filter. If the filter is significantly dirty or has a bunch of debris in it, then it needs to be replaced. The reinstall procedure is opposite of the removal procedure. Check your mower's owners manual for the exact steps on how to check and change your mower's filter.