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Need to pay for services rendered? PayPal, CashApp, and major credit cards are accepted. To pay, click the link or button below. Be sure to read the payment method instructions before clicking.

Payment via Cash App

To pay via CashApp, send your funds to $RHTServicesllc or use the link below. Follow the remaining instructions in Cash App to complete the payment.

Pay RHT Services via CashApp

Payment via PayPal

To pay via PayPal, click the "Pay Now" button or scan the QR code below.

NOTE: You will need to change the quantity to match the amount that you desire to pay. For example, if you want to pay $255, then you will need to change the quantity to 255.

Paypal QR Code for RHT Services

Payment via Credit Card

To pay via credit card, scan the QR Code or click the Pay Now button. Enter the amount you wish to pay on the following page.

QR Code to pay for services rendered

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