Can't Move The Bed, Unless The Picture Is Moved Too

a 2 minute read posted on 2021-11-10

Customer wanted to have their bed moved because they had purchased some additional furniture. They had a picture centered above the headboard of the bed. Thus they wanted the picture and bed moved together. Otherwise things would have looked weird with the picture off-center of the bed.


hello hello hello today's job is to do a picture mounting the customer stated that they have a picture mounted above a bed and they want to move the bed over but because the pitcher would not be centered it would look weird so i'm going to move the bed over in addition to moving the pitcher over as well [Music] that job has been completed it was fairly straightforward what i did was i added an additional pitcher hanger on the wall there was already two behind the pitcher so i added a third one and that allowed for the pitcher to be moved over because it didn't need to be moved over a whole lot but it did need to be moved over some also leveled the pitcher hook so the thing that you use to attach it to the wall leveled it with the other ones that are there because i have one that was the exact same size and that way the pitcher is got even support all the way across the wall and therefore it can also be hung straight and so then after that reposition the bed and some of the other furniture that needed to be moved and then make sure that pitcher was centered as well as leveled and then that was it for this job there was another picture that was hanging up that the customer wanted me to check because there's actually a double set of pictures and she said she thought it looked crooked but when i actually put the level on it the two pictures were in alignment with each other so no issue there what i think may have occurred is that the shadow from the picture because there's a couple of lamps and then of course the daylight coming through the shadow may have made it look different because the pictures are at two different angles in persp relative to the lamps and daylight that were coming in so i think that may have played a part in it looking unlevel but like i said i put the level on it and both of them were in alignment with each other so didn't have to make any adjustments there comments questions drop those down below also thumbs up if you like this content until next time peace out if you need to book a service thank you