Doorbell Installation Photos

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Recent Work

Photos from installing a Ring Video Doorbell for a customer. This doorbell was wider that the door trim, so the doorbell had to be installed on an angle so that it would fit and not reach into the doorway.

Ring Video Doorbell box
Original doorbell
Ring Video doorbell installed

Common Doorbell Questions

Do smart doorbells require batteries?

Some do. Others can be connected to the existing doorbell wiring for power, thus eliminating the need to manually change batteries. Those that run over doorbell power, use the batteries as a power backup in case the power goes out.

My door is next to a wall and there's not enough space between the door and wall. What are my options?

Smart doorbells do come in various sizes. However, if there still is not enough space, you could get a security camera system and have cameras watch your door. There are several options including motion activated lights with cameras that can be used in this scenario.

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