Faucet Replacement and Repair

Having a leaking faucet is bad. If left unchecked, the additional water used by the faucet can cause your water bill to go up. Robinson Handy and Technology Services has the tools to replace dripping and leaking faucets.

Water is flowing slowly out of my faucet. What’s wrong with it?

It is possible that mineral deposits have built up behind the faucet screen and are now blocking the flow of water. To clear the blockage

  • Remove the screen. This is usually done by twisting on the part of the faucet where the water comes out at.
  • Soak the screen in white vinegar for 10 minutes. You may see bubbles coming from the screen. This is the vinegar breaking down those solids.
  • Remove the screen from vinegar and scrub with a brush. You should be able to see through the screen once done.
  • Rinse the debris off of the screen.
  • Reinstall the screen by twisting it back on in the opposite direction.

No matter how hard I turn the knob, the faucet still drips. What does this mean?

This means that the rubber gaskets that are used to stop the flow of water have worn out. To resolve this, the faucet can be disassembled and gaskets can be replaced or the faucet can be replaced.

I have additional questions not listed here.

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