Liftmaster Garage Door Replacement

What is the difference between Chamberlain and Liftmaster?

Chamberlain and Liftmaster brands are owned by the same company. Thus you getting the same quality of product, but the design and target market is different.

Can I force the garage door to close?

For Liftmaster garage door openers, there is a way to force the opener to close the door. Using the door control (button on the inside) or door remote (usually in vehicle), press and hold the button while the door goes down. Once the door has closed completely, you may then release the button and the door will remain closed until the button is pressed again to open it.

My garage door will not close. What's wrong with it?

There are multiple reason that the door will not close. Here are the most common reasons:

  • The garage door spring(s) have broken and thus the amount of force required to move the door has significantly increased. As a result, the opener will not move as picked up on this change.
  • The sensors are out of alignment and need to be realigned. Misaligned sensors can happen when they are bumped accidently, when temperature significantly changes, or if the sensors become dirty or dusty.

I have additional questions not listed here.

See our garage door replacement page for answers to additional about garage doors and garage door openers. Check out our FAQs page for more questions and answers or contact us.

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