Drupal 7 Course

Drupal is a popular content management system that is used with many of websites around the world.


  • Build Web Application Without Coding
  • Installing FarmOS
  • Use Twitter Rules for FarmOS Notifications
  • Create a Kanban Board
  • Installing Drush
  • Photo Uploader Using Selenium WebDriver
  • Install CiviCRM


  • Become familiar with Drupal 7
  • Gain knowledge on the duties assigned to a Druapl Site Builder


  • Internet connection
  • Drupal 7 installed on container, virtual machine, or computer

Course Audience

  • PHP Developers
  • Drupal Site Builders
  • Drupal Developers


No materials are provided for this course. To download Drupal, please visit the Drupal.org website.

Watch The Course

This course is available on our YouTube channel where you can watch it for free.