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Did you know that the more devices that you have on a computer network, the more likely that network is to have slower speeds. Network traffic functions similar to traffic on the road. When there are more cars on the road, the greater the congestion and longer the travel time. Most homes have a least 5 devices connected to their network. This includes computers, tablets, smart phones, and streaming devices. Not having your network optimized for the best performance, results in internet streams buffering and videos playing in lower quality by default.

Having a good home network does not have to be expensive. However, buffering and slow internet connection is something that nobody wants to have. Robinson Handy and Technology Services has the expertise with computers and other digital devices to make your home network run smooth as possible.

Robinson Handy and Technology Services provides home networking services. By properly dividing your home network up, you will see improved speeds and almost no buffering with your streaming devices. Schedule your home networking service appointment today!

What is home networking?

A home network consists of devices that includes, but are not limited to, a router, modem, computers, and smart phones to be able to connect to the internet and to each other.

Wireless (WiFi) is better than wired (Ethernet) correct?

False. While wireless is more convenient, is has always been slower than the latest wired standard.

With wireless networks, only one device can send or receive data a time. This would be the equivalent of a cars navigating a single lane road. Traffic can only move in one direction at a time. With wired or Ethernet networks, all devices can send and receive data at the same time. This would be the equivalent of cars driving on the interstate or other multi-lane highway.

In addition, wireless signals can interfere with each other, thus further slowing the overall speed of the network. The impact of this is more common with those that live in apartments or other multi-unit dwellings that are close together than in single family houses. While this can be resolved, it does take technical knowledge and know how to address it. Robinson Handy and Technology Services has this knowledge from years of experience working with technology.

I don’t want to run wires through my house to get the fastest internet speeds.

You don’t have to. Part of the Home Networking service is to run wire through the attic or basement to connect your entire home. Just book an appointment to get started.

My streaming player (Roku, Firestick, Chromecast) bufferes frequently. How can I get it to stop?

When it comes to streaming video services, we recommend that each devices be connected using a wired connection via ethernet. The reason being is that ethernet connections are always, and probably will forever be faster than the latest wireless standard.

Ethernet allows data to be sent and received at the same time, whereas wireless can only send or receive at a given time.

Those that live in apartment complexes and condos are more likely to have slower Wifi because there is a high number of devices in smaller area. This results in wireless signals overlapping and in some cases colliding with each other because they are using the same frequency. This collision, results in cases where data has to be retransmitted, which further slows your connection.

My Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides me with a modem with wifi built in to it. Can I use my own router with this?

Yes you can. Some ISPs suggest that you do not do this. However, the reason that they suggest this is because if you call them with a problem, they want to be able to see all of the devices that you have connected to the network.

In other words, it benefits them that you do not have your own router, but it the devices connected to your network at greater risk if that open port is not properly secured.

What brand of router do you recommend?

This will vary as it depends on what you are doing on your network. For those that do occasional browsing, checking email, and some shopping, then basic routers without a lot of features will do the job. For those that are streaming video, especially if you have mutliple streaming devices, will want to consider getting a higher grade router that has more processing power and a minimum of gigabit connection speeds.

Do you install specialized firmware on routers?

Yes we do. We have worked with DD-WRT and OpenWRT on several makes and models of routers. We can install this on to your router if it is compatible.

I have additional questions not listed here.

Check out our FAQs page for more questions and answers or contact us.

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