Smart Thermostat Installation Services

This project, an old thermostat was removed and replaced with an Ecobee 3 Lite Thermostat. As part of the installation, I shared with the customer some of the features that she was not aware that the thermostat has including Circulation Mode. Also assisted with getting the thermostat connected to the customer's WiFi network.

Common Thermostat Replacement Questions

Are all thermostats the same?

They are not. Traditional programmable thermostats run off of batteries. Smart thermostats run off of power supplied by your air conditioner unit.

Can I have a smart thermostat but not connect it to the internet?

Yes you can. Do note, that because it is not connected to the internet, that many of the features, such as being able to change the temperature while away from home, energy savings based on the weather conditions, and software updates will not be available.

I only have 4 wires going to my current thermostat. Can I still upgrade to a smart thermostat?

Some thermostats can run with 4 wires. Majority of thermostats require that you have at least 5 wires running to the thermostat. Each of the wires tells the system what mode it should be running.

The thermostats that can run on 4 wires, require that an additional module be installed on the air handler or furnace.


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