Website Development

What does "mobile friendly" mean?

"Mobile friendly" refers to the website being displayed properly on tablets, cell phones, and other small devices in addition to displaying properly on desktop and laptop computers.

Google has included mobile firendly websites as part of their website ranking algorithm. That means websites that are not designed to be mobile friendly, are actually ranked lower in search results. This lower ranking can result in your potentional customers finding and doing business with your competition.

Is HTTP or HTTPS connection better?

HTTPS is better. HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. That means the connections are encrypted between your computer or mobile device and the server. Having your website run on HTTPS plays a part in your search engine ranking when customers are looking for your business websites.

Google will always rank a website that runs with HTTPS higher than one that only runs on HTTP. For website that require a customer's personal data to be submitted, such as usernames, passwords, addresses, and email addresses, should have an SSL certificate enabled and data sent over HTTPS connection.

For websites that we build, we set the default connection type to HTTPS to ensure that your website ranks well.

Does page speed factor into search engine rankings?

Yes it does! Studies have been conducted that determined that visitors are most likely to leave the website if it takes longer than 3 to 5 seconds for the page to load.

Your customers want the information as fast as they can type it. Google has recognized this trend and decided to include it in their search result rankings. Google has created a Page Speed Insights tool. This tool will analyze the content of a given webpage and provide suggestions on how to make it load faster.

Similar tools have been created by other vendors include GTmetrix and Pingdom Tools. The tools give you a grade and also offer suggestions to improve the page load speed for your website. We recommend that you use all three tools to get the best assessment of your website's current page speed and suggestions to improve it.

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