WordPress Maintenance

Can you prevent my WordPress website from being hacked?

Yes and no. We suggest that WordPress websites are kept up to date with the latest updates. Given that updates come out regularly, it is possible that your website could be hacked before the latest updates are installed. We always suggest that you make weekly or monthly backups of your files and the database in case your WordPress website is compromised. In the event it is compromised, you can use your backups to restore files a data to a time point before the compromise occurred.

If your website does not require much data processing, we will recommend that your WordPress website be converted to a static website. This will nearly eliminate the ability for your website to be hacked because there are very few plugins, no database, and very few security updates that have to be performed when they are released.

Why do WordPress websites get hacked so often?

WordPress is one of the most commonly used Content Management System (CMS) that is in use today. That being said, when a platform has such wide spread usage, it essentially has a target on its back by hackers and the like.

To add to this, the number of plugins, various configurations, and more make the CMS at greater risk for security breacnes and vulnerabilities because not all configurations can be tested. These different configurations are tested by other developers who build plugins or websites on the platform. Once a bug or defect has been found, it is then reported and fixed by members of the WordPress community.

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